Green Concrete Durability

Leadership in Sustainable Concrete Durability by CERATECH

It is well recognized that the transport properties of concrete are a critical factor in concrete durability. CeraTech's dense crystalline calcium aluminum silicate hydrate (CASH) fly ash cement based concrete structure provides superior transport properties.

The superior transport properties are a result of CERATECH™ Cement's chemistry combined with a very low water to cement ratio (0.18 to 0.23 W/C). The result of the hydrated CERATECH™ Cement is very low chloride permeability, a discontinuous capillary system and reduced surface micro-cracking with no free calcium hydroxide.

The crystalline structure and lack of free calcium hydroxide ensures a reacted cement with inherent resistance to deterioration from chemical attack. Furthermore, the chemical composition of CERATECH™ Cement naturally binds chlorides, providing 3-4x the protection of embedded steel from developing corrosion cells, a critical factor in the structural deterioration of any reinforced concrete structure.

These inherent attributes ensure that CERATECH™ Cement concretes outperform traditional portland based concretes in a wide range of applications.

Build it once, build it to last and be free of costly failures in early or mid structure lifecycle that are common throughout the industry.

Green Concrete Durability Benefits:

  • 3-4 X The Resistance to Development of Corrosion Cells on Embedded Steel
  • 2 x Freeze/Thaw Durability vs Traditional Concrete
  • Mitigates ASR attack
  • Resists Sulfate Attack
  • Resistant to MIC (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion)
  • Enhanced Resistance to a Variety of Corrosive and Caustic Environments
  • 3-4 X Product Life vs. Standard Concrete Durability