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Long Life Concrete for Transportation Infrastructure


RediMAXX™ cement produces a superior, long life structural concrete ideal for roads and bridges and any other mass concrete construction application.RediMAXX™ is a hydraulic cement. Concrete produced with RediMAXX™meets or exceeds ASTM C1157 & C1600 requirements.

RediMAXX™ cement concrete utilizes SCM's as a 100% portland cement replacement. The use of SCM's facilitates a very low water:cement ratio and results in concrete with exceptional volume stability, very low chloride permeability, superior freeze thaw durability and inherent resistance to both ASR and sulfate attack.RediMAXX™ cement concrete represents a quantum breakthrough in concrete durability, with 3-4 times the durability of typical portland cement concretes.

Performance Advantages:

  • Enhanced Durability / Low Permeability
    -Resists deterioration from de-icing chemicals
  • ASR Resistant
    - Utilize local aggregates
  • Exceptional Freeze/Thaw Performance
    - Minimal loss after 600 cycles
  • Superior Volume Stability
    -Less cracking potential, fewer control joints required
  • 30% Less Heat of Hydration
    - Reduced placement costs

Corrosion Inhibition

RediMAXX™ concrete features very low to low permeability per ASTM C1202 (without any additional mix design modifications or addition of admixtures.) RediMAXX™ inherently inhibits chlorides from traveling through its dense, crystalline matrix where it can initiate a corrosion cell on reinforcing steel, leading to costly deterioration and loss of structural integrity.


Lower Heat of Hydration

RediMAXX concrete produces substantially less heat than traditional cements minimizing the potential for cracking due to thermal stresses. In most cases secondary methods used for mitigating heat during curing can be eliminated, making RediMAXX ideal for placements of mass concrete.