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High Performance Concrete For Superior Durability and Lower Maintenance Costs in the Industrial Environment

Industrial applications pose unique and aggressive challenges to concrete longevity. CeraTech's cement technology ensures a concrete that is multiple times more durable than typical portland or micro-silica cement concretes in the demanding industrial environment.

CeraTech's family of industrial concretes offer plant managers an opportunity to greatly minimize plant and process shutdowns for repair and replacement of deteriorated concrete infrastructure. Coatings may be applied on CeraTech cement concrete as early as 48-72 hours.


CeraTech's cement technology utilizes only SCM's and proprietary liquid additives with no portland cement added.

Utilizing this advanced technology and a very low water to cement ratio, CeraTech's cement technology exhibits exceptional volume stability, resistance to chemical ingress and thermal stability. These enhanced properties combine to produce a concrete that has a service life* of 3 - 4x that of portland cement concrete.

*(Application dependant)

Realize substantial cost savings by reducing the frequency and duration of shutdowns, expediting the return to service of critical assets!

CeraTech's cement technology is used in place of portland cement for a wide range of industrial customers.


Customer Realizes 300% ROI with KEMROK


Gulf Sulfur Services


A chemical processing plant utilized KemROK™ a carbon neutral, chemically resistant, high early, non-portland bulk cement for construction of (3) 750 foot long trenches designed to carry molten sulfur for processing. Normally, these trenches would be constructed with high silica fume (micro silica) enhanced Type V portland cement and then overlayed with an expensive epoxy resin in order to resist the corrosive effects of molten sulfur and sulfuric acid. (Sulfur temperatures reach 300°F.) CeraTech's KemROK™ cement was chosen for its chemical and thermal resistance characteristics, no epoxy coating requirement, high early strengths and rapid curing enabling faster return to service. Specifications called for a concrete with a slump of approximately 5 to 7 inches to facilitate pumping and rebar encapsulation and strengths of 4,000 psi in 7 days.

After more than three years of service, the KemROK™ cement concrete trench's show no degradation. The customer has since specified that all of their trenches be fully converted to KemROK™ cement concrete, thereby eliminating the recurrent costs associated with production downtime, maintenance and rebuilding of corroded trenches


Previous deteriorated trenches constructed with Type V micro-silica enhanced portland cement concrete


New trenches constructed with CeraTech's KemROK™ pozzolanic,corrosion resistant cement concrete


CeraTech's KemROK™ cement concrete trenches after 36 months of continuous service shows no signs of deterioriation