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Ultra High Performance, Heat Resistant Concrete For Demanding Military Infrastructure

CeraTech's unique suite of non portland, specialty concretes offers military engineers a comprehensive set of new concrete construction, replacement and repair options.

Solutions include thermal resistant concrete for VTOL pads and rapid set cements for contingency and deliberate operations.

FireROK™ cement concrete is being successfully utilized in industrial and military applications for both rapid repair and new construction.


FireROK™ cement produces an extremely dense concrete with high thermal diffusivity rates that enable it to withstand high intermittent thermal loading. Spherical cement particle shapes reduce yield stress and viscosity during mixing and allow for low water tocement (w/c) ratio mix designs (0.18 - 0.22) These attributes, combined with a unique cement chemistry that lacks calcium hydrates & hydroxides, produces a durable concrete with the characteristics to endure high temperature environments where other concretes will fail.


The potential to site activate combined with rapid strength gains, low water demand and compatibility with all types of local aggregates makes RediMAXX™ a versatile construction material option for military engineers and planners.


An ideal contingency construction material,GreatWhite™ is a volumetrically delivered concrete with ultra rapid setting chararcteristics.