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RediMAXX™ Cement System for Long Life Concrete

RediMAXX™ cement concrete utilizes SCM's as a 100% portland cement replacement. The use of SCM's facilitates a very low water:cement ratio and results in concrete with exceptional volume stability, very low chloride permeability, superior freeze thaw durability and inherent resistance to both ASR and sulfate attack. RediMAXX cement concrete represents a quantum breakthrough in concrete durability, with 3-4 times the durability of typical portland cement concretes.

RediMAXXis a hydraulic cement. Concrete produced with

RediMAXX meets or exceeds ASTM C1157 & C1600 requirements.


RediMAXX cement produces a superior, long life structural concrete suitable for roads and bridges, aviation runways, boat ramps, building foundations, roller compacted concrete, precast concrete products and many other new construction applications.