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Performance enhancement and augmentation for CERATECH™ Cement Concretes

Set Retardant

CeraTech USA's RetarderL is an integral, supplemental liquid admixture used to extend set times in certain placement conditions. Contact CeraTech's Field Engineering team for application and dosage guidelines.

Membrane Forming Evaporation Retarder

CeraTech USA's ERM™ is a water-based emulsion that utilizes unique organic material to form an evaporation barrier when applied to CERATECH™ Cement concretes. The membrane formed by the ERM™ reduces the evaporation of water from the concrete immediately following finishing, creating a hard, durable surface, free of dusting. ERM™ is ideal for use on horizontal and vertical concrete and essential in dry, hot, windy environments, and in any circumstance where the placed concrete is susceptible to rapid moisture loss. ERM™ is VOC compliant and based on readily renewable organic constituents.

SHX™ Reactive Surface Hardener For Use With CERATECH™ Cement Concrete

SHX™ is a water based, penetrating and reactive surface treatment. When applied to CERATECH™ Cement concretes after final set, SHX™ penetrates the material and reacts with its proprietary constituents to provide a hard, dense surface that is stronger, more durable and easier cleaning. SHX™ improves surface integrity and provides protection against dusting, chemical penetration and general surface deterioration.