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High Strength, Green Concrete for Engineers

By design, lower cost, stronger, faster, and substantially more durable than standard concrete.

Often times, a product's performance (durability, strength, workability) is sacrificed for the sake of environmental concerns. CeraTech's cement technology reverses this trend by producing an extremely durable, exceedingly green concrete with exceptional performance and enhanced design flexibility.

CeraTech™ Green Cement concrete has been rigorously tested and validated by the nation's premier testing laboratories and agencies. Successfully validated in demanding environments, CeraTech's cements are now available for your project.

Engineers appreciate the design possibilities of a concrete that provides lower heat of hydration, faster strength gains, improved durability in a wide variety of conditions-all while allowing for reduced beam and column cross sectional areas with greater flexural and splitting tensile strengths. Exceptional volume stability, a very low water demand (0.18 - 0.23 W/C), reduced cracking and crazing, and very low chloride permeability encapsulate the steel and validate what engineers and scientists have known for years; a dense calcium aluminum silicate hydrate (CASH) concrete structure provides a superior concrete.

The following table represents typical concrete performance and design possibilities.

Finite Element Analysis

Structural Performance / Design & Value Advantages

  • 239 cu. yds. less concrete
  • 37 tons less rebar
  • 556 less shoring units
  • 164 less form material units
  • 693 sq. ft. less column formwork
  • 256 less finishing man hours
  • 66 sq. ft. added floor space
  • 4,302 gallons less mix water
  • 90 tons less CO2 produced
  • 89 tons of fly ash diverted from landfills

Material & cost savings versus a 6,000 psi ordinary portland cement concrete on a typical 50,000 square foot three story office building.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Performed By Licensed Professional Structural Engineer Using RAM Advanse™ & Structure Point Column Analysis Software

OPCC Mix Design:
752 lbs. cement, 0.45 w/c, 5" slump (6,000 psi)

ekkomaxx™ Mix Design:
750 lbs. cement, 0.22 w/c, 5" slump (8,000 psi)

Similar to traditional concretes, strengths, slump, working and set times can be manipulated by adjusting the ratio of CeraTech's liquid additives, cement powder loading and overall mix design.

Contact CeraTech for third party test results which validate product performance.