Sustainable Construction Solutions For Owners

Reduce construction costs, improve your return on investment, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Owners fo buildings and stuctures will appreciate the value of a building material that reduces failures, eliminates maintenance and far outlasts other materials.

CeraTech's cement technology offers owners a cost competitive opportunity to build with an ultra durable high strength concrete that resists corrosion, acids, heat, abrasion and weather.

Tony Worthen, Plant Engineer at Gulf Sulphur Services Ltd., LLLP says their company first used KEMROK™ for repairing half of one molten sulphur flow trench. "After nine months, we compared the KEMROK™ section to the one next to it repaired with Type V portland cement, the surface was already falling off the Type V product, but the KEMROK™ concrete looked like the day we poured it." Gulf Sulphur Services is now rebuilding the other trenches using concrete made with KEMROK™.

"We like being able to work with a "green" product like KEMROK™ that offers superior performance in addition to meeting stringent sustainability guidelines," said Worthen. "You need a durable concrete that withstands hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exposure in the vapor zone and thermal shocks in the trenches," he explained. "A lot of products will do these things individually, but we never found anything that did both as well as KEMROK™.

We wanted to be environmentally responsible and still meet our service and reliability requirements, and in fact it looks like we will beat them," added Worthen.

Another major benefit of KEMROK™ is faster set times, speeding up construction to get the facility back in service sooner. According to Worthen, "With 'high early' designed mixes we were getting 2000psi in a few hours."

CeraTech's ekkomaxx™ and FireRok™ cements offer similar benefits, value, performance, and a commitment to sustainability.

Regardless which CERATECH Cement you utilize on your building, you can be assured to:

  • Achieve three to four times the lifespan of a portland cement based structure
  • Reduce maintenance and costly regular repairs in corrosive environments
  • In many cases, no secondary protective coatings are required
  • The potential for regional or municipal tax incentives for building green
  • Building permit preference for green projects
  • A "Leadership Position" as an environmental steward.

Utilize CERATECH™ Cements and become a leader in Durability & Sustainability