Green Cement for Ready Mix Concrete Producers

CeraTech provides a competitive advantage by offering a superior performance green cement system that exceeds the most stringent sustainability standards.

CeraTech's general use cement (ekkomaxx) offers a level of durability 3 to 4 times greater than portland cement concretes in general applications requiring the benefit of self drying concrete or in environments subject to ASR, wastewater, freeze/thaw conditions, chloride and sulfate attack. Specific durability advantages make CeraTech's specialty cements (KEMROK™ & FIREROK™) ideal for applications with corrosive or caustic chemical exposures and high temperature environments.

CeraTech™ Cement meets ASTM C-1157 classifications as a hydraulic cement system and uses standard batch and mix design practices. CeraTech's unique cement system offers ready mixed concrete producers unparalleled mix design flexibility, meeting the most demanding applications. CeraTech's proprietary system meets a wide array of cement types and performance requirements.

Offer Superior Green Concrete With The Broadest Range of Performance In A Single Cement System

CERATECH™ Green Cement Advantages:

  • Protection from alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • High early strength
  • Self-drying technology
  • Unrivaled sustainability benefits for "green" projects
  • Exceptional durability in corrosive/caustic exposures and high temperature environments.
  • Uses existing ready mix producer infrastructure.
  • Higher performance provides opportunities for higher margin sales
  • Eliminates the need for portland cement concrete admixtures
  • Improved safety & handling: CeraTech's liquid additives have a neutral pH and cements are non-caustic eliminating the potential for cement burns.

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