Setting The Standard for Sustainable Concrete Construction

Lowest Carbon Footprint

Reduces the Carbon Footprint of Concrete by more than 90%.

100% Portland Replacement. CeraTech utilizes a proprietary cement technology comprised of 95% landfill waste (Class C fly ash) and 5% rapidly renewable liquid additives to produce a more durable concrete with no portland cement required.

Rigorously Verified.
CERATECH™ Cement technology has been independently EPD verified
by the Carbon Leadership Forums (CLF) Product Category Rules (PCR), December 2013. This objective, quantitative and independently verified measure, ensures the highest standard for disclosure of concretes environmental impact.

Sponsors of the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF)
CeraTech USA is proud to be a sponsor of the CLF. The Carbon Leadership Forum was instrumental in the development of the Product Category Rule (PCR) for Concrete in the North American Built Environments. The CLF derived Concrete PCR is utilized for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for concrete in North America. CERATECH™

Lowest Water Demand Concrete

Unique constituents utilized by CERATECH™ Cement maintains placement characteristics of traditional Portland Cement Concrete (PCC), all while requiring just 50% the water typically used by PCC. Standard water to cement (W/C) ratios used by CERATECH™ Cement systems range from .18 to .25 vs W/C ratios used by PCC which typically range from .40 to .50.

Greater Durability Results In Longer Life Cycles

The sustainability of CERATECH™ Cement is due to greater resistance to corrosion, attack by caustic chemicals, and high temperatures. CeraTech's cement technology provides a Calcium Aluminium Silicate Hydrate (CASH) that forms a dense, crystalline structure (compared to the Calcium Silica Hydrate (CSH) gel found in PCC). The inherent CASH structure of CERATECH™ Cement provides durability benefits increasing the product service life by multiple times when compared to traditional PCC.

Superior ROI vs Portland Cement Concrete

Superior durability vs. PCC in a wide variety of applications ensures a higher ROI

CERATECH™ Cement is available at delivered costs that provide significant increase in ROI vs traditional PCC. The inherent crystalline structure throughout the CeraTech product line ensures performance enhancements without requiring addition of admixtures.

Industrial Applications

  • Acid resistance

  • Alkali resistance

  • Heat resistance

Commercial Applications

  • Stronger, longer lasting cast in place concrete for virtually any building application

  • Superior durability in wastewater applications

  • Fast drying \ self-drying technology ensures fast track construction cycles and reduced costs associated with mitigation of high RH and moisture vapor transmission

Infrastructure Applications

  • Stronger, longer lasting Cast in Place Concrete for virtually any structural application

  • Resists ASR & sulfate attack

  • 30% lower heat of hydration

  • Very low chloride permeability

  • Long life concrete

  • Exceptional volume stability

  • Reduced surface cracking

  • Low water absorption

  • Exceptional freeze thaw durability